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Factors determines the cost of an Urbanclap clone app development

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An home-based service app that lets users book for any services from salon appointment, cleaning, electronic device services to fixing furniture at just a few taps. The app comes with ultra-modern features like multilingual support, an in-app wallet, VoIP-based call masking, etc. The solution is entirely customizable and white-labeled.

Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to foray into the home services sector with an app like Urbanclap? Then, this blog will give you clear knowledge about the on-demand home services app development cost.

You cannot quote an exact price for an Urbanclap clone app. This is because the cost varies with numerous add-ons you wish to integrate into your home services platform. It is always advisable to compare and analyze different scripts from top-rated app development companies to ensure and identify your best fit.

Now, what are the parameters that determine the cost of an Urbanclap clone?

Not one, but many factors play their part in adding to the total cost of a clone app. They include,

The features: Now, most app development companies out there provide basic feature-set in their script. If you wish to integrate elements like in-app chat, e-wallet, etc., your budget increases concurrently.

The tech-stack: In case you’re opting for a different tech-stack than what was initially offered by the company, your total cost may vary accordingly. Hence, ensure that the company provides the app with the latest tech-stack.

The app design: App design is a crucial element that sets the tone for your home services app. As you choose more features in your platform, a team of graphic designers must work extensively to make them less complicated and minimalistic.

Hence, it is highly impossible to quote a fixed price tag for your Urbanclap clone app development. If you’re still insisting on knowing the price, solutions are starting as low as $1999. Visit

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