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Wow, what a nightmare. I think you did the right thing deciding to charge them for that third meeting. They were being really unprofessional and a bit disrespectful.
You’re better off without them.

I’ve done some small freelance work for no money just to help projects that I thought were a good cause, but they always seem to end up taking so much time, double the time I originally said I could spend on the project and the client has always been so disorganised (like your client here) so eventually I had to call it a day and take a paying contract. So no more free work for me.

Hope your freelance work got better clients since this story 😀


Hi Stephen,

It was a tough learning experience, that's for sure! Looking back they really did have just about every client-from-hell trait you could imagine.

Thanks for your comment and fortunately I don't deal nearly as much with client drama like I did starting out! : )

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