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Hey all! I'm a full stack developer with over 8 years experience in consulting and working with SaaS based companies.

I work actively with Golang, AWS, GCP, and Typescript and absolutely love my work 😊.

Currently, I'm doing a bit of soul-searching to find a new project to build and profit from.


Hi Stephen! What sort of projects are you looking for? Any top driving interests that you'd like to find a foot hold in?


Preferably SaaS type offerings. I like working with products that help other developers do better at what they already do.

Ah, cool. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in marketplaces, privacy, and data ownership. I'm working on a data marketplace and data collection app that will be a Progressive Web App SaaS offering.


Welcome, Stephen! Let us know when your new project finds you!


Thank you!! I think the inspiration bug has hit me a few times this week 😛


Welcome, Stephen! Keep looking for that next project. It is always out there. Fill a need!

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