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Discussion on: Why it’s perfectly OK to use no-code tools as a developer

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Mike Bybee • Edited

"No-code" is just a UI for code. That's it.

  • It's not going to replace devs, who still need to code both the UI and the underlying code in the black box.
  • A dev using no-code tools isn't much different than a dev using a third-party library (you're just avoiding reinventing the wheel in both cases).
  • If you really want to badmouth no-code, then you'd probably better stop using existing libraries, frameworks, cloud provider dashboards, CLIs, any sort of desktop environment or window manager in your OS, and so on, for the sake of consistency.

Now, is no-code the best solution? Very seldom, and it's almost inevitable that you'll eventually run into an edge case that isn't covered. Is it the fastest, easiest, minimum viable solution? Quite often, and that's the point.

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Diana Chin Author

Totally agree with you. No-code tools could work as a way to prototype something, but as far as I'm aware, majority of these no-code tools have plenty of limitations. It's more viable to build something with those features in place.