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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Mike Bybee

Amazing meeting with an incredibly prepared UI/UX designer as part of my search for potential co-founders. After giving my pitch and going over several of my own product plans*, I gave her the floor and was completely, well, floored by her pitch of her own product idea - to the point that I told her, "I should have shut up and let you lead with this. It's my turn to ask to work with you on your idea."

So we'll be exploring that further this week. 😀

*My own product plans are still very much alive (I run a SaaS "product lab" - eventually with some consumer IoT products as well - where each product gets spun off into its own company but uses a model of sharing code between non-competing internal and partner apps where feasible), but the hunt for co-founders continues as she would instead be an external startup partner bringing me on as co-founder and CTO.