Facelift Your IT Resume to Get More Interviews

Andrew Stetsenko on July 12, 2019

By making a few small improvements to your IT resume, you can increase the number of interviews several times. Just trust me: I see dozens of tech ... [Read Full]
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I've been looking into using the resume.json schema to hold my resume data, as there are a number of sites which will generate some very crisp templates for you if you have the patience to fill out all of the fields (I can only work on it in short bursts, it is quite tedious).

I also have decided that the one-page resume thing is BS. I felt like it was hurting me because I worked as a consultant for a large part of my career and there were a lot of impressive projects that I played a pivotal role in creating.


If you have a lot of experience, all your information might not fit into one page. But, you should aim to be concise, as recruiters usually don't have time to read through all the resumes, especially if they're long. I reckon two pages is the limit.


What are your thoughts on graphical resumes? Is it too much or is it the eye-catcher that recruiters enjoy?

Here's a mock-up of my CV:


Would love to get some feedback.


Definitely check CV compiler like the author mentioned and similar things liks skillroad's free resume review. Style is really cool but needs to be balanced out with accessibility for bots. A lot of large companies will use software for the initial screening. Good luck man 😄


Great tips and straight to the point. I would also recommend to check the fullstackresume.com service to build your Full Stack Resume in less than 30 seconds. Instead of writing all the content by yourself the service will generate it for you based on your unique experience using minimalistic A/B tested template.

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