Python Code Snippets Vol 15

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Five more newb friendly bits of code to experiment with.

71-Display Live Webcam (Windows\Linux)
72-Show Start-Up Programs (Windows)
73-Zoom And Save Image (Windows\Linux)
74-Take A Screenshot V2 (Windows\Linux)
75-Percent Free Space On Fixed Drives (Windows)

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I don't understand why make an article and point a link to another if it's yours.
The editor supports markdown, why not just copy paste the text?
If for example, you stop maintaining the website, and someone finds this link (broken link), it would be a useless post.


Because Google will mark either this post or my original article as a duplicate, and may penalise my site, well that's how I understand it.

After 8 months of work my site is just starting to get some visitors from search engines, so I did'nt want to risk it. I take your point though.

As for the site going, it is a free wordpress site, it doesn't cost me anything and I don't make anything from it. So unless I specifically ask them to delete it, it will be there for many decades to come.

Hope that answers your questions.

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