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re: Using Domain-Driven Design(DDD)in Golang VIEW POST

re: Hi Steven, thank you for the article, there is not much DDD articles so this is good thing. However, I have some observations regarding implement...

Great. Thanks, a lot Epo for the feedback.

For the first point, The Infrastructure Layer is actually on the same level as the Domain. This was not the case in the first push. It had long been corrected. Please check.

For the second point, I'm currently refactoring to have the Auth in the infrastructure(have been a bit busy at work), I will probably update before the week runs out.

For the third point, I will refactor to that. Thanks.

For the fourth point, that was an oversight. The change has been effected now.

For the fifth point, I didn't quite get you. But this no longer applies in the implementation above.
func NewUserRepository(db *gorm.DB) repository.UserRepository
The article is currently in a constant state of editing as constructive feedback such as yours are given. If you don't mind, can you elaborate on your fifth point?

Please go ahead and fork the repository, your changes are welcome.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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