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Discussion on: Why I use python

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Steve Pryde

Just going to add another 2c to the mix.

I learned C fairly early in my coding journey (started with BASIC - long before visual basic was a thing, which might show my age, then moved to Pascal and then C) and I found the "C for dummies" book pretty helpful at the time.

I regard C as one of the most important languages to know/understand but never use. It teaches you so much about memory management and how computers work and even when using other languages just being aware of when memory is being allocated helps a lot. C makes this kind of thing second nature.
However these days I think the only real reason to actually use C is for embedded programming with low power hardware.

As for bash, almost every time I've used it to just whip up a little shell script I end up regretting it later as the complexity inevitably grows. Python or perl are installed almost everywhere nowadays or if they're not then it's easy to install them (maybe that's the part to use bash for). Bash is good for bootstrapping something or a quick download here or there but anything more complicated than that and you'll have basically something only you can maintain (and in 6 months you'll come back and wish you'd used something else). I still use it occasionally but it just feels so nasty and prone to easy mistakes. Maybe with a good linter it might be better.

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Great points! If you're just scripting Python is definitely more scalable. However, BASH is absolutely indespensible if you're regularly working with enterprise servers.