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my name is Artur, i'm 16 old and i just beginner from Ukraine.
I cant understand how to start learn programming correctly. Seems like you must be genius of logic to work with it. This feels like i need anyone who can help me to start.
I want to spend all my life in gamedev.
My favorite non-coding hobbies is drawing, writing, 3D modelling and all what can be creative.


Hello Artur!

Programming is a difficult but rewarding field. Good luck in your learning!

I've been enjoying Exercism lately as a tool to help learn a programming language. You might want to check it out.


Programming is a bit confusing in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough, just keep practising!


Halo Artur, moi emja Paul. Ya izucheniyu po russki no schola militaria nyet Ukraina, särē. Your English is 'khorasho'. I've written a few Computer Science and Programming books (knyhy) Ya zaprosuvanje you to a copy of the nemnogo knyhy I wrote called "Becoming a Programmer" in conjunction with Artech House Publishing. It covers the basics of computer science, data structures and the mathematics necessary to know before writing a single line of code. It's been successfully used at several Computer Programming Summer Camps here in the States aimed at teens your age. It would be much easier to learn programming with these fundamentals understood well first. Yes?
I'd love to give you a copy in PDF just give me your Parents or Guardian's email address and I will send you a link where you can download it.
do pobachennya
Odyn Paul


Programming can have a steep learning curve. Don't let that discourage you.
For starters:
-Pick ONE language to start with.
-WRITE lots of code. If you don't know what to write, try Project Euler. They have many small puzzles to solve.
-READ other people's code.


What he said, but Euler never helped me much. The reading part is the most important. Pick a good language with friendly users. I like D. Python people tend to get annoyed at newbies frequently. A good thing to start on is recreate an alternative to some closed source proprietary software. And never be afraid to reinvent the wheel.

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