Minigame per day challenge

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Today i start my 0 day, i will setup any software i need, etc.
Then i'll learn to code creating something small every day(Seems like hardcore for beginner like me xD)
So, if you read this - you can enjoy while i try to learn something :D
I'll post about progress here, at

For art i'll use pixel and vector graphics.

My PixelArt My Vector
HiddenEye HiddenEye

Looking forward to watching your progress! I'm interested in what tech you'll be using for these mini-projects. Have you chosen a game engine/framework to run? As I started delving into gamedev, I found that building your own engine, no matter how simple or inefficient, is a great exercise to understand the fundamentals of how almost all games run. Best of luck :D


I think it's too early for me to dev my own engine, i'll use Unity3D to learn basics, but i dream about writing my own engines and i'll learn how to do it at future.

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I have been asked this a couple of times and will love to hear from others too....

Just 16 old beginner.