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Open Source Fantasy World

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This my first post here, so, i want to get feedback about my first project idea, if you want to help, you have GitHub link.

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Open Source Fantasy World


Osfawor material design

Open Source Fantasy World

Welcome, sometimes we want to create our own games, stories, images or anything else but we don't want to write world for just one project, or maybe you don't have enough time?But what if you have original plant, city, race, ore, weapon, character, tale, joke, something else right now in your mind? You just can contribute idea to Osfawor and together we can create best projects without creating a new worlds!

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Can you go into a bit more detail about this?

I think this is a cool idea but I want you to give me some more details!


Just a database that will be filled with users who have ideas and want to improve the public fantasy world.

Folk fantasy!

For example you have idea to add new original tree named Oriee, you can write text file about this and contribute, most trusted contributors will check your contribution for compatibility with world(research dates, species who using, places where you can find etc.)

P.s. Sorry for simple answer, i'm learning English right now :D

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