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My first programming language was C++ but I never returned back to it. I experimented with lot of languages as a beginner before moving to web development and combination of PHP / JavaScript / Ruby (occasionally), but out of languages I have used so far I can say that Rust is the one I liked most.

I think there are few reasons for that:

  • Rust is statically typed language which helps me to right away eliminate lots of potential bugs in the program.
  • It allows me to do pretty much everything I can do in C++ but mostly in a few different ways and not in thousands of different ways (I can follow some well established convention when I develop my application).
  • It has a rich type system and ownership model which guarantees both memory and thread-safety .
  • I don't know why but I just like it's syntax.

Beside that I don't have some language I fell in love with - I try not to get too emotional about technologies I use but rather choose ones depending on the project (or feature) I'm working on.

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