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Discussion on: I'm making an app to help manage personal finances, Ask Me Anything!

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Jonathan Irvin Ask Me Anything

You hit the nail on the head, too. Sure, past finances help, but forecasting allows you to plan for stuff better.

If you know that in 3 months you'll have an extra $1000 bucks in your bank account, that's money that's not doing anything!

So many budgeting apps don't tell you about your money's potential and are very passive in the approach. I, on the other hand, want to know where I'm spending my money and make tweaks that give me more control. That's the idea behind Jelly Fin.

By tracking the minimum balance based off of historical values, I can forecast as long as I want and that way I can budget better.

My stretch goal for this is to predict values that change more dramatically using different algorithms. Chances are, some bills naturally go up in the extreme months like Summer and Winter. I want to predict those using a statistics term called Seasonality. Wouldn't it be neat to predict your Electric bill going up 40% and already planning for it?