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I'm a big fan of Git and love writing about it. Hooks are one of those hidden gems that people rarely use. Thanks for enlightening us all!

Git is like an assembly line and as you write code and prepare to commit, there's a lot you can do along the process. This is DevOps 101. Asking questions precommit is a great way to keep yourself honest, but it's probably hard to enforce as a team. I would add using a solid PR template that asks these questions.

One thing this template may throttle is small commits. Forgive my strong opinions about Git, but I believe in small, agile, and transactional commits. This script might hinder that.

However, for someone starting out, it's a solid example to make sure you have your bases covered.

I would love to read more about using this method along the software development pipeline and employing checks and balances along the way to ensure solid code.

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