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Kotlin Vs. Scala: The Right JVM Language For App Developers

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Summary: Kotlin or Scala are the two popular members of the JVM world. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Still, finding an appropriate choice for your next project is not so difficult. If you are also the one who is looking for an answer to this, then your search ends here! This blog is all about Kotlin and Scala. Read to know the perfect JVM language for your next project.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages for development. It has not only revolutionized the complete story but has also provided momentum to 50 new languages such as Groovy, Scala, & Kotlin. If Java is a grand daddy, these are new kids on the block. You can also name them as Java’s alternative for app development.

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Looking at the Java ecosystem report, it is quite evident that next to Java, Kotlin & Scala are the two most popular JVM languages for app developers. Wondering, why? Let’s get deep:

Kotlin: An Intro

Kotlin was introduced by JetBrains and launched in February 2012. It is an open source, freely available language. Until now, Kotlin has released two versions, among which Kotlin 1.2 is the most stable version. It is an official Android programming language by Google. The latest version is Kotlin 1.3.60.

The growth of Kotlin adoption among JVM users is not much surprising. Why? Its seamless integration with Java tools such as Eclipse, Maven, Gradle, Android Studio, etc.,

Top Companies using Kotlin


Scala: An Intro

Created by Martin Odersky, Scala programming language was released on the Java platform for general-purpose that supports both object-oriented and functional styles of programming on a larger scale. Also, it is issued under the Berkeley Software Distribution or BSD license. Though version 2.0 came in 2006, the existing stable release 2.13.0 came in April 2019. Scala is an abbreviation of “Scalable”: a language i.e. scalable as per the user requirement.

It has become one of the most liked technology among developers and is working its way via modern technology.

Top companies using Scala

10.The Guardian

Both Scala & Kotlin are relatively new to the market. However, tech giants like Google support Kotlin. It means Kotlin will emerge fast compared to Scala. Also, being a little older to the market, Scala has a comparatively big community meaning that it has more sustainable power along with job opportunities.

Before moving ahead, let’s have a look at the Kotlin’s improvement over Scala and vice-versa.

Kotlin Offerings Over Scala

1.Zero Overhead Null Safety
2.Higher-Order Functions
3.Smart Casts
4.Member References
5.First-class Delegations
6.Inline functions facilitate Nonlocal Jumps

Scala Offerings Over Kotlin

1.Built-in XML
2.Path dependent types
3.Structural Types
4.Complicated Logic for Initialization
6.Overridable Type Members
7.Custom Symbolic Operations

Kotlin Vs. Scala: The Comparison

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Wrap It Up

Having said, you must have concluded, Kotlin and Scala are in a tug of war. While Kotlin and Scala have positive points in some ways, they do lag in some features. As a result, the debate ‘Kotlin versus Scala’ has no end.

In such scenarios, choosing the right JVM language for app developers is tedious. Here comes Successive Technologies, your trusted app development partner. Connect now with our experienced team of professionals, brainstorm your concept, and conceptualize your idea into reality based on the best JVM for your app.

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