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I use Trello a lot to keep track of my tasks, it's quite helpful to see what I have to do, but also what I have actually done. It's also nice when you share it with a colleague to see who's working on what. It can become quite messy when several people are using it though.

I also tried the Pomodoro technique but I have a hard time sticking to it... it helps when I'm out of motivation or tired though.

Oh and there's caffeine. That helps. A lot.


Yes! I love Trello. How are your trello boards structured? To-do -> In Progress -> Done? Do you take down notes on your task cards? I used Trello for a long time before I discovered ZenKit recently. ZenKit has a kanban board similar to Trello, but it also has a mind mapping mode, a calendar mode, table mode, etc.. The mind mapping mode helps me think about things in a more structured way, see dependencies, etc.. Also, when I mark a task as completed, I mark the date and time I completed it so I can see an archive of completed tasks on my Calendar. I have no affiliation with ZenKit, but I enjoy using it, check it out!

Amen to caffeine brother!


Yes I use the classical To-Do -> In Progress -> Done workflow on Trello but I often add a "Parking" column (before To-Do, for the things I will have to do in the future but are still to be defined or are not urgent) and a "Dropped" column, for abandoned (whatever the reason) cards.

I don't really take notes on my cards but I use a lot the checklist feature, especially to split a task/card into sub-tasks. I sometimes use comments for referencing external resources (like a GitHub issue) but nothing more.

I'll check out ZenKit, but I really like Trello for it's simplicity, I don't feel overwhelmed by features and it keeps me more productive.

I agree. I don't want the application to distract me from getting things done. Do what works for you! I might adopt your "Dropped" column, rather than just deleting tasks that get abandoned. It may be useful to still have a history of them. Thanks for your insights.

The dropped column might be something I want to adopt as well.

I like to work in weekly increments so my boards' structure is: Backlog -> Week(date) -> doing/in progress

When I'm done with that week I move it to the back and create a new list with the following week's date. Instead of having one long Done list I can see the progress I've done over the weeks.

I do this with Zenkit! It's super nice to see progress over time.

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