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re: I keep recipes and howto articles there in case I need them from some other computer. It is really just the 'public' portion of my notes.

I like that idea, that's quite original.

I noticed your site is made with Hugo, how do you like it?


Hugo is lovely. I haven't worked with Jekyll, but I hear that it is similar. Go templating is a little wonky to me because I can't figure out syntax highlighting in goland for templates.

If you can find a theme that you like, you shouldn't have to mess with the templating, and that would improve the experience.

If you use Markdown for notes (or orgmode and pandoc), publishing with Hugo is trivial and you get a website out of the deal!

The rest of the stack is totally free too (minus domain). Github pages with a CNAME, and cloudflare for dns.

I'm a little experienced with Jekyll and it's actually my go to choice for static sites generators but I'd like to try Hugo, maybe that would be a good occasion...

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