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In the same order as the questions:

  1. Very important if not essential, for me restricting software installation would be like taking away the tools of a plumber and make him ask his boss every time he needs to use one, it's simply unproductive and ridiculous.
  2. Yes but not much (disclaimer: I'm a consultant and I work at the client's premise so that's not really my employer I'm talking about). All the machines are (unfortunately) Windows and some installation sources are blocked (mainly the Microsoft Store... so no WSL...). This isn't a big restriction but that does force me to use a virtual machine all the time to work with a Linux environment.. The other big restriction (probably the worst) we have is a (not transparent) proxy, but that's another issue.
  3. Windows stuff, don't know, don't care 😄
  4. As said in 2., yes but not that much, it's just dumb that the Windows on my machine is only used to boot a virtual machine and nothing else...
  5. I definitely ask that kind of thing during interviews, but I usually don't react much even when I don't like the answer... can't really afford to pass on a job just for that anyway.
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