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re: I've done it in the past and it was both lucrative and exhausting. It is difficult to put in 80+ hours of programming work for weeks and weeks. Thi...

Thanks for the reply, Frank!

If you can keep your freelance engagements to short and well defined projects/tasks this will minimize problems. Avoid taking on large and poorly defined jobs.

That's my intention, if possible. I've never liked working on poorly defined projects anyway (that's literally why I left my previous job), so if I am to do some freelancing work on my spare time, I don't plan on making it a self-inflected hell of shitty projects, ahah!

One potential upside is that freelance jobs can lead to a better fulltime job.

That's one of my long term motivations to do that, along with acquiring more experience (not so much in terms of quantity but rather in terms of variety).

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