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Hey Daragh, great article! I do a couple of these myself pretty much every time I get from my seat. They really do help!

Just a quick bit of feedback— the snake pose, is actually ‘bhujangasana‘, with a j, bhujanga meaning snake. :)

And if you are interested, the low lunge is called Anjaneyasana, named after one of the Hindu gods, and the seated twist is the Ardha-Matsyendrasana, Ardha meaning half, and Matsyendra meaning Lord of the Fishes.


Oh thank you so much for catching that, I really appreciate it! I'm glad the poses help. I'm absolutely interested to hear that too (I've heard the names elsewhere, I think my editing was inconsistent!)

I'm hopeful to put together more yoga for programmers resources soon :)


Absolutely! Will look forward to that post as well.

Yoga helped me get over a bad back problem from my college days. Now I‘m lithe as ever. :D

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