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Naneghat is a place near Pune in India flows a waterfall in the reverse direction and its look like heaven and some time it's like an unbelievable thing is happening here. because of the strong force of the wind pushes the gushing water upwards. The same theme can be seen in the bracelet design like a reverse waterfall.

This bracelet can be made with 18 karats yellow gold and the white portion can be made with feathers and These feathers should be sewn with thread and tied with a bracelet and then the feathers should be well combed and spread.

To tie the feathers, the gold bracelet should have some holes in it and should be tied very tightly. The gold part is not visible due to the very small and holes are very close to each other in the gold part.

This bracelet design will look very smart and trendy for every young stylish girl.


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