re: Can forced linting surpress contributions when linting is first introduced? VIEW POST

re: If the linting can be auto-fixed on pre-commit, it's valuable. It removes negative nit comments that may deter people from contributing. If they ca...

This is why I love the Elixir formatter. When you run it, it automatically fixes any offenses. You can add it as a pre-commit hook and your work will always be formatted. You can also run a check on CI to make sure all code is formatted.

I like that it is really opinionated and not really configurable. It gives you a style guide for the entire Elixir ecosystem.

I’d wish there was something like this for Ruby. Rubocop can be such a pain...


I've heard about Prettier before, but it is still not quite the same as the Elixir formatter. For Elixir, it is a part of the language, and many libraries use it. This means that there is a cohesiveness in most Elixir codebases.

Ruby, while it does have some efforts, does not have a formatter as a core part of the language.

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