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Discussion on: 8 neat Javascript tricks you didn't know in 4 minutes.

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Economy of expression. Strength of any language is how well it can express ideas in a well understood and succinct manner. Unary plus (+) is now a type conversion operator with well defined semantics,

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Gil Fewster

One reason why you may favour unary plus over parseFloat/parseInt is to protect against incorrect results if the string you're attempting to convert contains one or more thousands separator commas or more than 1 decimal point:

const str = "6,750";
const str2 = "6750.45.99";
console.log(parseFloat(str)) // 6
console.log(parseFloat(str2)) // 6750.45
console.log(+str) // NaN
console.log(+str2) // NaN
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I'd typically prefer to sanitise the data before attempting type conversion, but I still like that the unary plus operator refuses to take a guess when given an ambiguous input.

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Blessing Hirwa Author

That's a good example Gil. Thanks 😁

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