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Screen glasses, does anyone wear them?

We'd like to know who is wearing screen glasses or blue light blocking glasses when they are working at a computer, laptop, or on their phone.

Do you think they help?

What brand(s) of screen glasses have you tried and recommend?

Do you have prescription glasses with a blue light filter?

Let us know in the comments!

Discussion (4)

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Chad Alen • Edited on

I had blue light filtering glasses. I found it very annoying because you can see still see the blue in the lens if light hits it at a certain angle. As far as eye strain I didn’t notice anything different. What I found to be better is to use software like night shift or flux if you’re on windows. Also take 5-10 minute breaks every once in a while helps a lot.

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Denis • Edited on

Bought a pair from Ace & Tate and noticed that my eyes are less "tired" at the end of the day and it's improved my sleep as well. I only wear them while working or when watching TV at night.

The only downside, but you get used to it, is that they have a hue so they take some getting used to. I think it might be a bit awkward for a designer or photographer.

Edit: I have perscription glasses. I have a "normal" pair as well.

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Winston Puckett

I have the premium filters from eyebuydirect. I've noticed that I get headaches when I don't wear them, but at this point I'm not sure if it's psychosomatic. Either way, they seem to work.

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Chad Alen

I have regular glasses and I get headaches if I don’t wear them haha