What's your sticker strategy? πŸ€”

Scott Vinkle on March 12, 2018

Let's see your laptop stickers! What's your strategy? Even and symmetrical? Layered and messy? I have a fresh new laptop and am always looking a... [Read Full]

No stickers. It's the only way I can tell which macbook is mine anymore.


Cool collections, folks.

If you'd like some more stickers, we are giving them for free on Tabspace.io.

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This laptop intentionally left blank_

  • I have no idea where I'd even get stickers.
  • This laptop will have to go to someone else when I leave and it's a pain taking these things off.
  • It's probably against company policy to deface things anyway.

Of course there's the paradox of visibility:

  • When I have the laptop in front of me, I can't see the stickers because they're facing away from em.
  • When I don't have the laptop in front of me, I can't see the stickers because... I don't have the laptop in front of me.
  • Wait, when do I see the stickers? This is like setting your desktop background when everyone does everything maximised anyway!

I love me some stickers but we all have to admit there is at least some signaling going on (so the stickers are for other people to see too).


Oh I still subscribe to the "stickerbomb" mentality. May not be the most attractive but hey, I know that laptop's mine!



"Stickerbomb," nice! I think this is my fav layout; just chaos from top to bottom. πŸ‘


My old Air had a sparse few stickers and, to me at least, they looked great. Now I have a Space Gray MacBook Pro and I tried a few stickers on it, but took them off because I didn't like the way they looked against the Space Gray.

Old MacBook Air

(Old MacBook Air)


Thanks y'all for the convo and awesome photos!

Here's my final result if anyone's curious. I like to call this piece of modern art, "Sticker'd."

This actually took a while to plan and get the color balance just right. The layering was also tough and had some close calls, but I'm happy with the result.

Hey, this is important stuff you know. πŸ˜…πŸ’»πŸš€


I have some jlab stickers but thats it. One of my laptop has an I (heart) my wife sticker lol. thats about it. currently looking for some linux and stack overflow stickers as well as something starwars/startrek related because i'm that guy. maybe a dilbert sticker would be fun as well.

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