Frameworkless front end development with Rust

Cheese Cake Aficionado on December 26, 2018

WebAssembly technology is evolving faster than ever, and thanks to great tools like stdweb and cargo-web, it's easier than ever to get started. T... [Read Full]
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Hi, great post! I'm trying to learn Web Assembly and this could be a very nice starting point. With a bunch of friends and I are collecting all the material about Frameworkless Development in this awesome list (github.com/frameworkless-movement/...). I would love if you can add your posts to the list with a Pull Request.


Alright, I'll do that once I public the third post. I'll go over creating a router there and I think that will be useful for people. Thanks for the heads up.


I would like to try Web Assembly. I read many articles about this new technology, anyway I need more information like how organized my code for example if I work in a large project or how introduce Redux or other libraries to handle the state of my application. Great post. I'm waiting for the next post.
Keep calm and code!


This series will not cover using frameworks like Yew (which is inspired by react/redux). I have been writing a simple framework myself for the purpose of learning how one works, and I hope to demonstrate how to implement some of the more necessary features (like a router) in this guide. If people would like I could make a more advanced guide using Yew.


In this series I will attempt to explain the steps necessary to write a simple Todo list app in much the same way it would be done in frameworkless JavaScript. I won't be covering any MVC stuff, or teaching anything framework specific (there are several good framework available for rust). My goal here is to provide an introduction to web assembly that does not require any knowledge of the subject.

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