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AmpliBox - a Self Hosted File Storage App with AWS Amplify

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With Amplify Storage, it is very easy to add file storage capability to any web or mobile app. Here's a quick demo!

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What's Amplify?

AWS Amplify is an open source toolset that helps you get up and running on AWS faster:

  • A CLI that lets you add storage functionality and provision it in the cloud
  • JS libraries (or iOS or Android or Flutter) that lets you call simple functions to execute all these capabilities
  • Premade UI Components that we won't be using today.

For app developers, Amplify offers easier access to curated AWS services in each "Category" - ranging from GraphQL, Authentication, Analytics, and even pretrained Machine Learning models. However today we'll be exploring the Storage category, which uploads files to Amazon S3.


You can clone my demo on GitHub here: https://github.com/sw-yx/demo-amplify-storage-file-upload

Or you could try out the one click deploy from Amplify:


The demo is built with Tailwind UI and Svelte, but Amplify is framework agnostic and you can use this toolchain with anything you like. I won't bore you with the step-by-step, since it would mostly duplicate the docs (that I also have updated), but here are the features demonstrated:

  • Upload file with progress bar
  • List files (with metadata)
  • Delete files
  • Download files
  • Create folder
  • Toast success/failure

⚠️ Note that this demo is designed explicitly for educational purposes around Amplify Storage - you still need to add authentication if you are to release it for broader production use. You can also run amplify delete when you are done to remove all resources provisioned.

6 minute Codebase Walkthrough

You can see my 6 minute codebase walkthrough here:

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rosswilliams profile image

I would really love to give you a live demo but you can understand the security issue here

Your github project includes the environment name and amplify app id. Using that I can find this project hosted on the internet, and you are basically giving people a free spot to transfer unlimited amounts of data. For example, your bucket now has a picture of my cat in it.

If someone else deployed the code provided, they could wind up with a nasty AWS bill surprise. I think the caution around security needs a bigger call-out.

swyx profile image
shawn swyx wang πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Author

indeed. i'll add more of a callout in the github, as well as instructions to remove

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aspittel profile image
Ali Spittel

This demo looks amazing

swyx profile image
shawn swyx wang πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Author

that means a LOT coming from you! i stole most of it from Tailwind UI haha. but the trick is knowing what to steal!