What Makes A Senior Software Engineer

Kurtis Nusbaum

programming software-development career

Don’t wait for perfect

Mubashar Iqbal

software-development startup side-project launch

Do you hate JavaScript?

David Neal

javascript programming software-development nodejs

Programming Concepts: Garbage Collection

Aaron Krauss

programming software-development computer-science programming-concepts

My first professional programming experience

Janez Čadež

programming software-development tech first-job

The Art of Defensive Programming

Diego Mariani

php software-development oop code-quality

Rituals of Shaming in the Software Industry

Pavneet Singh Saund

programming software-development empathy shame

A Developer Story: Krish Dholakiya

Gerald Nash

software-development open-source interview mobile-development

3 Effective Ways to Maintain High Energy Levels at Work for Software Engineers

Moran Danieli-Cohen

software-development personal-development

Code Is Dead!

Kyle Calica

programming software-development code

Land Mines

Ryan Silva

programming software-development

10 things I do to keep open source projects healthy and stress free.

Pablo Rivera

coding software-development open-source health

When & How To Document New Technologies

Gregory Wolanski

software-development software nonprofit ngo

Data Driven Development/Lean Programming


software-development agile project-management

Iterative Development as Discovery

programming software-development

Don’t document your code. Code your documentation.

Dani Morillas

programming software-development software clean-code

I failed to deliver.

Gal Schlezinger

software-development startup ux self-improvement

How Bad Software Gets Made

Pablo Rivera


Building a PHP Command Bus

Diego Mariani

php programming software-development ddd

How to write an object oriented program that doesn't suck


programming software-development oop

Developer-driven development

Isaac Lyman

coding software-development agile

My Experience with Pair Programming

Raúl Ávila

software-development pair-programming

Why I became a software engineer

Edem Kumodzi

programming software-development random-thoughts