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Tamas Sandor • Edited on

So thats why you are censoring comments? The truth hurts?

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I'm reading this site for years and most of the juniors are humble enough, and here you come, kicking in the door with this amount of arrogancy and to possibly teach others bad practises, you are disrespecting us with this.
You are also confirming all these with the blocks... You know @anonyme was 100000% right and all you did was getting offended instead of learning from more experienced people.

I guess you are the one who tries to justify bad stuff when you get a PR comment.

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Luke Shiru Author • Edited on

There's a code of conduct against disrespectful comments, and you created an account just to comment something that doesn't add anything to the conversation just is plain old Ad hominem. Forgot to block you, sorry about that. See you!

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