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Strategies To Consider For
Business Transformation
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Mainframe Modernization Strategies To Consider For Business Transformation

Enterprises are adopting digital transformation (DX) and
innovation - and organizations can modernize investments in
core mainframe and other existing systems for competitive
differentiation. Innovation is vital across applications, process
strategies, and infrastructures.
The world is rushing towards a revival post the pandemic, and all the organizations are trying to get back on their
feet with the latest and future-ready infrastructure. With a drastic shift towards work from culture and digitalization,
it is important for companies to modernize their legacy mainframe applications.
In a recent survey, more than 70% of CEOS and CTOs have identified mainframe modernization as the priority in the
next couple of years. Though most of the recent companies have switched to modern technologies, there are many
financial institutions that still rely on a 40-year-old Mainframe systems that is sitting anywhere in their premises.


One of the biggest hurdles that have prevented these companies from switching out of mainframe is the fear of
downtime during migration and how it might disrupt their business. TAFF has drafted a 2-tier solution by which we
modernize the existing mainframe applications instead of completely replacing them.

Here are some strategies that we use when we deal with mainframe modernization for our clients.

Don't touch Core Application:

Modernization doesn't mean a complete shift from heritage mainframe application to modern cloud platforms at one
go. We can optimize the mainframe application and infrastructure without disturbing the core application.
The key factor for success here is to determine which parts of the application need to be untouched and which ones
are to be optimized. This is where TAFF advisors can analyze your mainframe application and shortlist the set of
applications that can reside in the mainframe itself.

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