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It's something you make, not something you find.


I go for a form of Taoism which I refer to as 'Cowism'. It's a sect of the UNIX Philosophy. Instead of consulting the I Ching, I start a terminal and, while holding a question in my mind, I type:

fortune | cowsay

until something useful pops up.


The only one way to find true purpose of a product is to asking its factory.
By reading the Bible, I know who is my Creator. Its God, Jesus let me know who I am, what I have to do, and finally where I will go after this life.


There is no universal definition of purpose, or meaning, to the universe the human race even will cease to meaningless let alone an individual, we may too small and weak to do anything meaningful. I am just drifting away like billion of other things, but you were chosen to be live, then your purpose is just to live the best out of it.

By living the best out of it, you need to make the biggest possible impact on the world you were created. Leave the best and greatest influence to people. As a developer, it means develop App that really helped users, contributing to open source that really benefit the peer developers, creating startup that make people's life easier, invent something that make the world better place. All of those made by small steps. Start from small goals and eventually you will make a big dent in this universe.


I appreciate your way of thinking. Would add that there are important app use cases that we should focus on. Although what those are in detail is up to you. Climate change, poverty, biodiversity loss, poor health for example.


Don't sit still. There is no satisfying grand truth drop that comes from the external world. No book, no process etc.

You must get out, seek new experiences, meet people, do things (creating things and teaching/tutoring especially).

Then take time to reflect. Schedule a weekly quiet hour to think back on your life and on your future.

Think cycles - experience then reflection - that is how to learn anything and yourself is just another thing to learn about.

Two final things:

  • I'm not suggesting this in place of any philosophy or faith. Most faiths require time to learn and reflect as I describe. You can develop an understanding of yourself within the framework of a religion if it is what you find best for you.

  • Don't try to keep up with or compete with others. Build your own life for yourself only. If your next goal is just to show someone else, rethink it.

  • Bonus: something you've been thinking over for a long time but aren't making progress? More thinking won't help. Talk about it to people, find a therapist or someone with a similar experience. If possible just try one of the options.


I see that you're brazilian, like me, and wanted to move to a first world country, like me...

I had a company with a couple of employees. My idol was Steve Jobs, and every day I would wake up with a shine in my eyes to get through the next workday. I was extremely ambitious. Everything I did was meant to move to U.S.A, which I deeply identified myself - I thought I didn't belong here.

Then, the company wasn’t doing very well. It ended up closing. My partner and best friend went to another city, and I was lost and empty.

My whole life seemed to be painful and dark, working relentlessly for something that I was never able to achieve. It was in this period of oblivion that I gave myself some time from the world.

I stopped doing everything I was doing, stopped absolutely everything, work, courses, even relationships…. It was in the silence that important questions started to emerge inside myself, questions that were buried deep in my unconscious… I realized that my dream of driving a convertible in California wasn’t the solution to my problems. I started questioning myself about what is happiness. You see people in big mansions suiciding with drugs. You see beggars living life fully and others miserable… I started observing all of that, noticed some statistics about the usage of anti-depressants. The top 10 countries in the usage of anti-depressants are first world countries. USA is first.

If happiness isn’t on money, where is it? I started questioning the deep source of it all, which led me to Philosophy. Philosophy is the study of the fundamental questions about the nature of the human existence, the mind and the universe as a whole.

This was a one-way ticket. It took me to a whole new level of perception of the world and myself. The seek of wisdom gave direction to my energy. And thus, I was able to heal myself, by reconnecting with my sense of existence and finding a reason to live.

I suggest you look for a New Acropolis philosophy school near you. There are many out there in the world. I’m part of it, and it helped me a lot to guide my efforts of seeking wisdom with good material and ideas.



It's always great to see folks asking this kind of questions and seeking this kind of knowledge.

I am on my own path to find my life purpose, and from my experience and studying, a purpose must to be something that Is greater than us or our desires, something that transcend us to others. Wherever it is, you'll find it easier when it is not just about you.

Boa Sorte :)


I think the key is to first know yourself. Spending some time alone without the distractions of life will help with this. Once you truly know yourself and your core values your purpose will follow.


Know yourself, others and the world. Care about them all. Then you'll find your life purpose.

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