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Discussion on: I need the guidance for web development

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Taimoor Sattar

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the client-side languages that are front-end.

To become a full-stack developer, you have to manage (code) servers, databases, and font end. The word stack means that to choose the pile (stack) of languages that can handle, execute the code in servers, databases, and front-end. You can read more here, choosing stack for the web developer →.

You need to understand why writing code logic on the server is important. Then, you need to pick a language to write server-side code e.g. node.js, PHP, etc. The database used to store the information and later we can query those data based on the request. Common databases are MySQL, MongoDB, etc. Some of the big companies like Airtable, notion, google sheet, etc provide API to access the database, instead of giving direct credentials to their database.

There are different stacks on the internet to choose e.g. LAMP (WordPress), MERN, JAM. JAMstack is the most popular stack for developing modern websites. The main concept is that the front-end decoupled from the back-end logic and we can send HTTP requests to the backend server (API route) to populate the data into the front-end. I wrote a book about JAMstack, you can learn more about it, here.