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Discussion on: Learn a New Language: Ruby or Go?

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what makes go less pleasant in your opinion?

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Antonio Djigo

For Rails, there is:

  • Better CLI & standardised framework
  • Code practices and design patterns are more standardised
  • Bigger community = More Q&A around google to fix your problems
  • More guides and courses to learn everything properly

I'm not saying Go does not have this, but, for sure these points are not as good as in Rails.

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  • Basically almost everything is standardized – HTTP routes, SQL databases, templates etc. Go CLI... I don't understand what's difficult in go run server.go

  • There is an official style guide, and tutorials how to do best practises

  • Community is very huge in Golang. There are tons of packages and a ton of stackoverflow questions

  • There's Go Tour, Go Docs, and Go Tutorial. All of them are official. I don't understand what problem is here.