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Discussion on: 5 Web Dev Tools That Can Improve Your Productivity

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Talha Mansoor

I have used four out of the five tools mentioned in this list. I would use this space to share my feedback.

Fish over Zsh

Fish Shell is a much better alternative than Zsh. It comes with sensible defaults, which means you do not have to learn Oh my Zsh or any other tool to configure your shell. It saves time and effort.

Postman over Insomnia

I have tried Insomnia for a couple of weeks. In the end, I reverted to Postman. At that time, Postman was much more powerful and feature-rich than Insomnia.

These days, I fallback HTTPie for quick and simple testing.

Hub with git-brws

Hub is a great tool. There is also git-brws, which has some more features and support various hosting services.


Excellent! I use it daily.

So far, it does not have .NET or Apple documentation, for which I fall back to Dash.

ImageOptim over svgomg

SVGOMG works great if you want to use a web app to optimize images. For desktop, Image Optim is indispensable. It optimizes the image in place; it means you do not have to open and save an image. Just drag the image on to the ImageOptim window, and it will optimize and save it.

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Michael Bogan Author

Wow thanks for the great reply! I'm going to check out these alternatives. It sounds like you've found some very helpful tools.