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Discussion on: PostgreSQL vs MongoDB

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I have been working with mongodb for a long time in different projects but one of the most powerful project i have built is an e commerce and deliver application thar contains about 100000 product, 1500 category and about 2000 store, and about 11 million custom price document in the database, we are working with geo locations heavily to find nearest stores, nearest drivers, driver tracking and so on, I found that mongodb is very good choice for most of projects, it enqbles you to store the data with the right way, it enables you to make relational documents and also gives you the ability to store data deeply without relations or creating separate collection or table, mongodb has many features have been added in the latest releases, one of these features is aggregation pipelines, which enables you to make different operations not just joins which has solved the problem of relations that relational databases depend on, rather than that.

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