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re: Do you ever miss having co-workers around? Rarely. I work with computers because I don't like people. (only half kidding) Seriously, though: I ...

I like running after stand-up. I get my running shoes on when I wake up, practice the piano, have coffee. Tell my partner I'm going to get to work, see what branch I'm on and what my notepad says, and just sort of start working. I have a big desk in the middle of our house with a nice monitor and lots of light. After stand-up, I run to the river and meditate on the Mississippi. I run back, and do errands, I come back to work after an hour or so and sometimes take my laptop somewhere else and work until my battery dies, then I take a break, plan dinner, and go back to my desk. This next few hours I'm way more productive, mostly because I've had exercise, meditated and made sure most of my personal things are done.

I sometimes need to bounce ideas off of someone, I usually just ask someone on slack if I can just type them a bunch of messages and that I don't expect them to respond. Sometimes I start a call with someone. Usually gets me past the block. If not, I save it for our after-standup meeting.

I haven't gained any weight since starting working remotely, though I've tried to lose some and only marginally succeeded .

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