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Tazim Rahbar
Tazim Rahbar

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Launching the M.V.P.


Coming to the point. I am launching a MVP called Devshub.
Basically, I am building a social network for developers to share their projects and view what other developers built.
Currently, it is a small MVP and running on a free tier. Slowly and gradually when it will grow I will keep introducing many features

Some features that I am focusing on:

  • Messaging feature
  • Timeline feature
  • Analytics dashboard feature
  • Badgeing feature
  • ...and many more amazing features.

So I want developers like you to join and help me with this and we can make this big thing for the developer community.

If you find any bug or problem or report on the site there is a section or if you want to work together mail me at Tazim Mail

Its time to look forward.

Thank you

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Alessandro Pischedda

there is a typo on signup button, you write "Singup"

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