Discussion on: What side projects are you currently working on and how can others be of help? (Feb 4)

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I'm making a headless browser in Python. The browser itself is closed-source, but I've extracted some components into open-source libraries. If they're something you'd like to use, feel free to use them. If you have problems with them, it would be awesome if you could send an issue or pull request my way.

github.com/tbodt/v8py — Minimalist, yet full featured Python bindings for V8. Mostly lacking documentation, but the API isn't very complicated and I'd be glad to answer any questions.

github.com/tbodt/greenstack — A fork of Greenlet that gives each greenlet its own stack, instead of doing this disgusting thing where the stack contains bits of different greenlet stacks and other bits of stacks are scattered around memory. This is necessary if you want to combine V8Py and gevent, since V8's garbage collector keeps pointers to objects on the stack and greenlet kinda screws up the stack. Plus switching is a bit faster.