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Manpreet virk on February 11, 2019

Hey folks! I've been thinking about contributing to this wonderful community for a while, but couldn't figure out how/where to start. Recently, h... [Read Full]
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Awesome concept, very excited to continue enjoying these round-ups!


Article "exploring javascript libraries" is really helpful..


Maybe silly question but how do you do big headers up the top of posts? Didn't seem to say anything about it in the help.


You mean headers? dev.to/p/editor_guide#headers

It's using [1-6] hashtag # before text

Such as this one


Whoops, no I should have specified I mean big header images up above the first h1 # Header.

Edit: And I just found the answer! You click the "Images" button when writing a post, and there is a place you can load up cover images.

This is the cover image, in the front matter of the page!

It's in the first segment of the guide: dev.to/p/editor_guide

cover_image: cover image for post, accepts a URL.
The best size is 1000 x 420.


I visit dev.to everyday just to doing this (the frame rate in this GIF is reduced)

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