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Best Low Code Platforms 2020

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Low-code development is another way to deal with programming advancement that requires negligible coding to software development and cycles. Low-code development regularly use simplified highlights, programmed code age, business measure maps, and other visual apparatuses to convey a light-footed improvement climate without requiring the time or multifaceted nature of conventional coding strategies.

The following features make this possible for low-code development platforms –

A.Drag-and-drop functionality
B.Scalability in design
C.Visual based design
D.Robust post-deployment
E.Cross-platform functionality
F.Powerful support for integration

In case you're hoping to locate the best low code platforms for your particular hierarchical requirements, here we're examining the top 15 low-code platforms alongside their feature, pros and cons.

4.Quick Base

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Tomaž Vinko

hey, great reading. i’m working on low code platform in spare time. You can check it here
Any feedback would be appreciated