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There is no such thing as balance. I've stopped deluding myself into believing that such a fairytale exists. I'm a single mom of 3 kids, VP of Engineering, autism advocate and I mentor jr women developers. Rather than strive for balance, I strive to be 100% in whatever I'm doing- whether it's working, spending time with my family, or helping a mentee with her resume. It's less about balance and more about being fully present in every activity. Time ownership is critical (not time management). I tune out the "noise" that distracts from whatever I'm working on or doing- whether that means leaving my iPhone on "do not disturb" or ignoring the pile of laundry on the bathroom floor (I work remotely- thus distractions are everywhere!). As someone else has mentioned, blocking out time for specific tasks and sticking to it- just as I would if it were a meeting- has been hugely successful in helping to ensure that I remain focused on the specific task at hand. Modern life is a juggling act- the key is focus, not balance, IMHO. :)


I like those examples lol. You're very right, focus is an instrumental part of productivity. I'm also working on my focus as well, one thing I realized is that I like to multitask frequently. So I don't focus all my attention in one area, which isn't the best thing when you're trying to be productive. Although you're right in that life is a juggling act in a sense I believe it is also a balancing act if you view it in another perspective. When I say balance in this case I mean finding the right portion of time, energy and focus to each of the main areas of your life. For example my faith is my first priority, then family then work and lastly my side projects. They won't all share the same amount of time and effort I put in but I try to maintain it so that none gets more attention than it should or vice versa. Hope that makes sense.

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