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Get Hired: A New Series

Hi! I'm Sam. I've been working as a developer for 7 years. I had worked at the same job from the time I graduated college up until 2 months ago. My workplace situation suddenly became toxic and I had to leave, fast. I was terrified, but I realized that the job wasn't worth losing my mental health over. So without any backup plans, I quit.

I'm happy to say that I've made it out to the other side. I made it through all the studying and the many, many rejections. I've signed a job offer with a company that I'm excited to join.

However, my time job searching was exhausting.

There are so many things I wish I'd known before I started this process. The last time I job searched, I was in college looking for my first full-time job, so suffice to say things have changed since then. There's a lot of advice already on the internet, but resources are scattered and contradictory. I want to share what worked for me and help others avoid making some of the same mistakes I did.

In this series, I will talk about my own experiences on both sides of the interview table, share what the research says you should do, and help you optimize your studying.

About Me

Because I will often be speaking from personal experience, it will help you to know my profile and what kinds of companies I applied at.

Me: A mid-20s white woman with a background in back-end development in Java and more recent experience in full-stack development with JavaScript. Was working as a lead engineer at a tech giant in San Francisco.

Ideal Role: A full-stack lead engineer role at a company between 100 and 3,000 employees, working on a messaging product.

Also Willing to Consider: Especially promising start-ups, back-end roles, other products if everything else was right, less senior roles if the pay was still ok

All in all, I did phone interviews with 15 companies and on-site interviews with 6 of those companies. I got 2 tentative offers and 1 concrete offer. It's a numbers game, y'all.

And Jesus Christ, interviewing is HARD. I get so nervous I can't think straight. Somebody is literally standing there judging your every word and action.

So here's everything I wish I knew before I started my job search.

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sjellen profile image

“ I realized that the job wasn't worth losing my mental health over. ”
It took me until my mid thirties to learn this.
When it goes toxic it never goes back. And if it does happen to, you won’t notice because you’ll still be traumatized from the toxic times.

Get out before your stuck. Don’t just take in the negative energy and bury it or use substances to forget the workday. It took a coworkers death at a young age to decide to change careers.

Also I like your resume layout.

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Andrew Smith

I went through almost an identical situation, happy at a job until the situation became toxic almost overnight.

I moved on to developing and working full time remotely at a client's web store for a year and now I'm in the process of breaking back into the 9-5 web development industry.

I believe that your series is going to be very beneficial, thanks!

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sam Author

Hope you like it!

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Ben Halpern

Good luck with this series, I'm sure it will be super valuable!

If you're reading this make sure to follow sam for this one. 😄

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sam Author

Thanks Ben!