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Get Hired: A New Series

sam on December 21, 2019

Hi! I'm Sam. I've been working as a developer for 7 years. I had worked at the same job from the time I graduated college up until 2 months ago. My... [Read Full]
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“ I realized that the job wasn't worth losing my mental health over. ”
It took me until my mid thirties to learn this.
When it goes toxic it never goes back. And if it does happen to, you won’t notice because you’ll still be traumatized from the toxic times.

Get out before your stuck. Don’t just take in the negative energy and bury it or use substances to forget the workday. It took a coworkers death at a young age to decide to change careers.

Also I like your resume layout.


I went through almost an identical situation, happy at a job until the situation became toxic almost overnight.

I moved on to developing and working full time remotely at a client's web store for a year and now I'm in the process of breaking back into the 9-5 web development industry.

I believe that your series is going to be very beneficial, thanks!


This is one of my favorite DEV series!! Do you know how many posts you’ll have yet?


Good luck with this series, I'm sure it will be super valuable!

If you're reading this make sure to follow sam for this one. 😄

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