Laravel And Vue Tutorial | Create Your Own Twitter Application

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Laravel (2 Part Series)

1) Laravel And Vue Tutorial | Create Your Own Twitter Application 2) Multi Step Form Submit in Laravel with Validation

Hello artisan, in this tutorial, i will show you how we can create a simple twitter application using laravel 6 and vue js. In this tutorial i will also show you how to create follow-unfollow system in laravel using vue js.

I am using Axios to send a network request. We simply build an application in which, the user can post the tweet and appears in his timeline. Also, one user can follow or unfollow each other.

If currently signed in user follow any other registered user then he can also see the following user’s tweet in his timeline. The very basic app, but the very powerful web app to understand laravel and vue.js fundamental concepts.

I am putting this Laravel and Vue Example project on Github so you can check it out there. Git repository for this project

Read post #https://www.codechief.org/article/laravel-and-vue-tutorial-create-your-own-twitter-application

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