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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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I I wanted to like Pop, but it just won't work with my Nvidia Optimus card for some reason (and yes, I was using the right ISO)... If you can get it to work with your graphics card, Pop looks great. Linux Mint worked flawlessly with my Nvidia graphics, and I used it for a few months after I stopped using Ubuntu (because of the deb/snap bait-and-switch fiasco), but I really like Gnome much better. I even ended up playing with Arch for a bit too. I eventually ended up settling on Debian Stable on my main machine and Debian Unstable on my travel laptop. Sid is more bleeding edge than anything based off of Ubuntu, but for my work (developing web apps and online tutoring), having the latest and greatest doesn't make a difference at all. I'd much rather have a system that is reliable and dependable than a system that has more bells and whistles. In my opinion, there's nothing more stable than Debian... But of the choices you have listed, I would recommend Pop and Mint, which seem to be very similar with the biggest difference being the GUI environment, which is up to your personal preference.