re: What bad habit do you have because you learned an approach *before* a better idea came along? VIEW POST

re: Same here... for now. I wonder if TS will become the de facto standard in the future. (Actually I wouldn't say I'm a much bigger fan. My reasons a...

As a person who started coding with Python, Javascript, Clojure, and Ruby (and was frustrated with C++), I always liked dynamically typed languages. After learning Haskell and now that I'm using Typescript I can say that I should have learned Typescript earlier. It's so powerful and I feel safer and in a environment with better-documented code.

I still like doing some scripts with Python or playing around with Lisps, but if I'm starting a new project (website or dev tools), I tend to use Typescript.

Don't get me wrong, type safety is really convenient when you start talking about larger systems with more complex business requirements.

For websites, I'm still more likely to reach for JavaScript. Call me a fuddy-duddy but I feel more productive. Between Jasmine/Mocha tests and ESLint I feel pretty confident most of the time.

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