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Decentralized version control for structured data - TerminusDB 2.0 (Alpha)

lukefeeney profile image Luke Feeney ・1 min read

TerminusDB 2.0 is now live and will allow for the whole suite of revision control features: branch, merge, squash, rollback, blame, and time-travel. Our goal is to enable the types of CI/CD used extensively in software engineering to be used with data. DevOps and other data-intensive teams are poorly served with current tools.

This is an Alpha release, so there will be glitches and some features that are not switched on yet. We have a new React console (pic above) we think is quite cool.

We are also releasing a new documentation site that is a big step forward in documenting TerminusDB' features.

TerminusDB is an open source (GPLv3) full featured in-memory graph database management system with a rich query language: WOQL. Loads of background on the blog.

We Terminators remain very much open to contributions and are appreciative of the support of the Dev.to community.

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Luke Feeney


Sunlit uplands. Trying to deliver the database of the future with my comrades in the TerminusDB community.

TerminusDB Community

TerminusDB is an open source database for data people. It is a graph database built for the web age.


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