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Super DataBase (Nicki Minaj Super Bass Parody)

lukefeeney profile image Luke Feeney ・1 min read

We present the community with Super DataBase from TerminusDB

Earlier this year before the COVID19 crisis began, the TerminusDB core team got together in Dublin. It got a little late and a little messy and one of the team (Sreya) displayed a particular talent for Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass (think 2am outside a pub). This got the creative juices flowing and we thought that there must be a good way to combine those two great loves, TerminusDB and Nicki Minaj!

When we saw that the folks over at MongoDB had a parody cover of Sia’s Cheap Thrills, our path was set. Lyrics are by Sreya and video is made in Vyond (which is a great tool).

Willing to bet this is the only Hip-Hop track that mentions prolog and expresses love for data scientists.

We beg forgiveness for any database shade.

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cheukting_ho profile image
Cheuk Ting Ho 🐍

Can we have more of this :-P