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Discussion on: Selenium Testing - How to sign in to Two-factor authentication?

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This is very very helpful topic for automation testing and thanks for this jsakamoto!.

Just one question before I download.

Is this Nuget package safe?Is it just doing everything on our local machine? How can we be sure the package is not collecting the Secret Key and send it over the internet to someone?

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jsakamoto Author

I'm not sure about it at this time, but we can inspect the "Otp.NET" NuGet package is safe or not.

You can download "Otp.NET" NuGet package file ("") manually from site.
(Find a "Download Package" link at the right side of "" page.)

The NuGet package file is actually simple zip file, so you can change the extension of the package file from ".nupkg" to ".zip", and extract it to get .dll file.

After you get .dll file, you can decompile it into C# source codes by using ILSpy ( or some tools else.

So you can inspect what "Otp.NET" does.

Another way, you can access "Otp.NET" GitHub repository ( , and get source code, and build "Otp.NET" yourself from those source code.

At last, the works that "Otp.NET" does is not so difficult, therefore, you can implement MFA code calculation program yourself from scratch.

Repeatably, I'm not sure about "Otp.NET" NuGet package is safe or not.
Please make decision by your responsibly.